There's so much that we want to build
and we’ve only just begun.

How we work

We work in small, collaborative teams on ambitious projects that add tangible value.

We encourage everyone to take ownership of their work, ask questions, understand the business purpose, debate ideas and experiment. Innovation relies on experimentation. If you can make a good case for the radically new, we’ll pursue it and provide the resources to take it from prototype to production.


Our teams

Our teams

Quant Developers

Rather than separating the roles of Quant and Developer, we have a unified team of Quant Developers. Those who are more quant-focused are strong programmers, and those who consider themselves a pure programmer have the opportunity to research. The team works on projects covering alpha research, execution, simulation, modelling techniques, optimisation, workflow and data. The work is varied, with plenty of learning opportunities.

Execution Analysts

Our EA team is responsible for the real-time operation of our automated trading. They look for patterns amongst vast amounts of data to spot problems, making sure our systems are operating effectively.

The team works across different shifts to cover global time zones.

Systems Engineers

With a presence in four data centres across three continents and over 600 physical servers, the Systems team manages and scales our data centres and networks to keep this high performance infrastructure operational. Working closely with our Quant Developers, the team is focused on automation and business capability.

Business Operations

Our Data Strategy, Compliance, Finance and Strategic Growth teams work both independently and collaboratively to define and execute how we operate as a business. This can include everything from identifying new data sources to staying up-to-date with the latest industry regulations, optimising our finances, running our social calendar, recruiting talented people and tailoring bespoke learning and development plans.

Learning and Development

Our teams work on interesting and challenging problems, have plenty of space to think and research, are encouraged to experiment with different ideas and can learn from exceptionally talented people. We offer funding for courses and events, tailored training sessions, promote our love of reading with an ever-growing library, and host regular tech talks.



We offer 10-week internships to penultimate year undergrad and post-grad students each summer. We have two programs – one for Quant Developers, one for Systems Engineers. Our interns are introduced to the way we work and mentored closely during their time with us as they tackle problems that deliver tangible business results. Significant programming experience is a must and we proactively look for people that might not have considered a career in quantitative finance. Applications run from September to November each year, for internships starting the following summer. This is a paid internship and we provide accommodation for those that live outside of London.


People and growing




We are an equal opportunities employer. We don't discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability.

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