Protecting our environment is the most important issue facing mankind today

Quadrature Capital Foundation

Established as an independent entity in 2019 by Quadrature Capital, QCF aims to tackle our most urgent environmental issue – the climate emergency.

Never before has our environment, our planet, and our species faced such a global crisis that will permanently change the course of our future.

The climate emergency is a priority for many individuals both within the UK and abroad, but priority hasn’t equated to action. The way in which governments, organisations and corporations have approached the climate emergency has left the issue highly politicised, seemingly impossible to solve and on a crash course for a warming scenario that will be difficult to avoid.

Our Work

We believe the solutions to address the climate emergency are ample yet underutilised.

QCF does not aim to take a traditional path to mitigating this crisis; rather, we believe our role is to disrupt the current trajectory, support those that have already or have the potential to demonstrate progress and design and execute high impact approaches.

We are currently working with partners to build our understanding, test ideas, learn and make a meaningful impact. Our initial program of work is underway and will be published soon.

QCF is a private foundation. Proposals should be submitted by invite only.

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